About Bolleboos

Creative solutions for creators

Bolleboos offers various content publishing solutions for creators. I believe that your creative mind is at its best when you get some help with all those things that come with the job, which you did not sign up for when you started realising that project you've always dreamt of. You might be in need of some creative support! My services include scalable web app development and webhosting, graphic design, text redaction and translation. Anything to help you share your creations with the world. Contact me to share your ideas and to discuss how I can support you or your company.

Who dis
photographer: Marianne Reiss

My name is Thomas, I am the founder of Bolleboos. I started this company to support my fellow artists in their work as well as to develop an audience for my own work. Through my work with numerous creators, ranging from writers, photographers and musicians to web designers and teachers, I have experienced what it can mean to a person when you take a load off their shoulders, and just allow them to create. This is what I call Creative Support.
I'd like to help you with your project! Please share your dreams with me today.